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We as a tool trolley manufacturer works with a single objective and that is to provide every tool at your fingertips in order to boost the efficiency of tool users abreast deliver high level of safety and ease, and for the same we are considered as the preferred tool trolley manufacturer by professional tool users in India and they now have a worldwide distribution. We always put our experience, customer requirements and user’s feedback in mind during

Industrial Tool Trolley Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in US, UK, Canada, South-Africa, South-Korea, Kena, Oman, Ghana, Uganda, Ukraine

the engineering to achieve the objective and that is the grounds for the position we hold today. Besides that, safety, reliability and durability are the factors that have obsolete tool box, chest, or case and have empowered the popularity of this tool trolley and establish a strong niche worldwide.

Industrial Trolley, Perforation Trolley, Perfo Tool Trolley, Bin Tool Trolley, Material Trolley, Platform Trolley is the major area of our expertise and each is renowned in the market for innovative design, high quality and high performance, can be easily judged by its enormous demand and widespread market. All types of tool trolley are manufactured owing the area of application to boost the productivity of the respective industry, whilst best in class material is used to impart the sturdiness and longer shelf life of the same. Other than, wheels are the foundation for the mobile cabinet and to deliver the seamless experience, proven quality polyurethane or nylon wheels are equipped at the bottom of the trolley, having considerable capacity to withhold heavy loads unfailingly.

Special Features of Tool Trolley:-


    The provided tool trolley is embedded with drawers and compartments to hold tools and spare parts, wherein locks are placed in each drawer in order to keep the expensive tools safe and private to the respective individual.


    In the offered tool trolley, wheels are made of the topmost quality material to impart sturdiness and longer life, by which means user can move the tool trolley along with and hence reduce the time consumed in the searching and gathering for the specific operation. Further, breaks are introduced in the two back wheels for the effective controlling of the same.


    As this tool trolley carries heavier and huge number of tools, it is necessary to have handles that can bear a strain and load while moving from one place to another, and therefore we manufacturer of the tool trolley has used handle, made of the material that imparts considerable sturdiness and ensure easy movement of the tool trolley. The high quality of the handles and sturdiness enable easy dragging by means of handles, seemingly saves time without fatigue.</p<>


    We manufacturer of the tool trolley understand the bothering associated with space and therefore come with the range of the tool trolley that can be integrated with your workbench. We customize the tool trolley as per the specification that can be best fitted under the workbench so as you can store it under the workbench when no longer required. This customized tool trolley range of us has intensified our demand in the market for its ability to provide convenience at the workplace.

Industrial Tool Trolley Manufacturer:-

It’s a little thing that matters most, the finest example of the same is a tool trolley, devise that is being an indispensable part of the thousand of industries to store, carry, protect and organize the a variety of tools used in the different industrial tasks and helps in performing thereof safely and efficiently. This small device is designed to enhance the productivity of the machinists, carpenters, builders and parallel individuals dealing with the tools by making tools easily accessible to them during the task.

Tool Trolley Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Benefits Of The Tool Trolley In Industrial Application:

  • It keeps moving with respective individual into the workplace helps workers to be more productive.
  • By means of tool trolley, heavy chests or boxes can be moved easily all around in the workplace.
  • As the tool trolley is movable, worker does not need to move here and there for tools
  • Easy availability of the tools around them increases productivity of the workers and ultimately of the respective industry
  • The ingenious design of the tool trolley also prevents constant bending and lifting in the workplace
  • It reduces the strain caused by lifting of toolbox and heavy chests
  • The wheels embedded at the bottom of the tool trolley helps moving the tools easily from location to location
  • Our well designed tool trolley helps organize an expensive set of items well organized and thusly help protect your tools
  • The sturdy construction of the trolley employing best in class material ensures hazardous free operation spanning the life

Our Tool Trolley And Your Benefits:

  • The provided tool trolley is made using the highest quality stainless steel material and having pillars and cross supports in the construction to utilize the trolley at the most.
  • The frames of the structure are double walled and hence delivers considerable strength and longer shelf life
  • Heavy duty slides are sued for imparting heavy load carrying capacity, whilst the well defined and high quality ball bearing enables smooth opening and closing.
  • All the drawers are provided with rear locking that prevents opening of the drawers, in which the centralized locking is provided with 3 keys
  • We are potent to deliver the drawer load capacity ranging from 30 to 100 kg UDL
  • Castor wheels are made from high quality Polyurethane or nylon material that has excellent resistance against chemicals, corrosion and abrasion.
  • Our tool trolley comes with total four wheels, embedded at the bottom of the wheels, wherein 2 are revolving with brake and 2 are fixed from 100 to 150 mm diameter.
  • Wheels are capable to withstand up to 550 LBS
  • All the cabinets are powder coated, gives elegant look to the tool trolley apart from the rust protection
  • Different number of divider and partition are used to keep all the tools and spares well organized

Customized Tool Trolley at The Likable Rates…!

Our strength is our 20+ years experience in the allied segment, helping us to thoroughly understand customers and design custom storage solutions based on thereof. Our ability to transform your statements into the customized solution gives you a flexibility to customize the cabinets to exact requirements to optimally use it. Through free consultations, expert measurement, creative design and well defined engineering, we as a team strives to transform your workplace to your needs and specifications at the lowest rates and that sets us apart from competitor and lets us lead all the way in the market.

Benefits Of Custome Made Tool Troller:

  • You can select the specifications for your custom tool trolley
  • You can add more storage space with our customized tool trolley and stay organized
  • You can get a high end look and work space functionality

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