Manufacturer & Exporter - Perfo Tool Trolley

As organism manufacturer and exporter of the Perforated Tool trolley, perforated panel and pegboard, we supply tool holder panels of best quality. These perforated tool boards are perforated on a 32 mm pitch, 15 mm finally edged and unbreakable with stiffeners. It provides firmness to the structure. These tool holder panels are help in organize the tools and inventories with ordered manner and make helpful on demand. It can be move easily and also droop on the wall.

Tool Trolley Manufacturer

It is multi functional panel system which helps to categorize a many tools and inventories of different size, shape and weight on a single surface. This logical arrangement helps to quickly identify the tools like spanner, files, drivers, reaper, Allen keys, power tools and wrenches. These perforation tool panels contain wide range of hooks for introduction tools which is ideally saves the space. These space saving tools storing system also called tool holder panel, perforation tool panel, perfo tool board and display tool panel.

Key Features of Perfo Tool Trolley

  • Robust and rigid steel welded structure having pillars and cross supports.
  • Perforation panel reinforced with stiffeners for great rigidity.
  • Wide range of hooks for placing all types of hooks.
  • 100mm / 150mm diameter wheels 2 revolving with brakes and 2 fix.
  • Powder coating finish colour